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Kids SmART would like to take a moment and say, "Hello and welcome to our community!!" We ask that you take a moment and review and complete each of our registration documents prior to submission. If at anytime you have questions, please click the "Contact Us" link above. We look forward to working with you and your child. 

Email all completed documents to 



In order to register for the 2023-2024 school year program, or our Full Day/Summer Camps you must turn in:  Summer Camp registration? email:




2. Completed Liability Release. Available within Parent Handbook.


3. Provide Child's Immunization record.


4. Before & After Care: Sumbit a $60 single child / $120 multiple child registration fee with first weeks tuition and calendar. 

Summer Camp Care: Sumbit a $60 single child /$120 multiple registration fee.


5. Before & After Care: Schedule/Tuition for upcoming weeks care. 

Summer Camp Care:  Visit individual camp pages.

6. Medical Release Forms (if applicable/pdfs below)

7. If your child will be attending the following locations a completed Child Health Statement is Required:

-Compass Montessori, Golden.

-Rocky Mountain Prep Berkeley

-Rocky Mountain South West 

Ready to Schedule?

Select "Our Programs" for location specifics or click on " Scheduling & Payments" to get started!!

Additional Info

Parent Handbooks

Jefferson County Locations









Compass Montessori ECE

Rocky Mountain Prep BK ECE

Rocky Mountain Prep SW ECE

Parent Handbook









Important Information: 

The following information must be provided in order for Kids SmART to administer medication/s to your child:

1) Written order from physician (MEDICATION RELEASE FORM - Required with all Health Care Plans); Must be updated yearly. 

2) Completed and signed by physician plans: Asthma Care Plan & Epipen Health Care Plan 

2) written parental consent:  Must be updated yearly

3) Non expired medication in its original labeled bottle or container.

All medication must be checked in with a trained Kids SmART staff member. All non emergency medications will be locked in a medication box where it will be stored until needed. - Children will be prohibited to self carry cough drops and or lozenges and a will require a medication release form.

Children who require emergency medications will not be allowed to participate in our programs if emergency medications are unavailable or expired. If your child carries his/her own asthma inhaler, you must provide written parental consent and written authorization from the prescribing practitioner.

Topical preparations (ie: sunscreen) can be applied by the Kids SmART staff with written permission. See enrollment form to give sunscreen permission. Children are required to bring their own sunscreen (spray preferred), but if they have forgotten, Kids SmART may provide sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Kids SmART may ask that the child be picked up from the program if sunscreen is not provided and the program is scheduled to be outside for any length of time, thus creating an unsafe situation for the child.

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