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*Answers may not apply to other Kids SmART programming*


Is my care guaranteed once I submit the schedule request?

NO. You must receive the confirmation email with specifics on the care team member, and then pay in full for the care prior to care being finalized. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours, please email to check the status of your request.


What if I end up needing care longer than I had scheduled?

You must either email or call our main office to confirm the team member is able to fulfill the additional time obligation. There is an additional $5/hour overtime fee due if it is approved.


Can I schedule care if I’m not currently registered with Kids SmART?

At this time, Kids SmART nanny care is only available for currently enrolled families (sign up since August 2019). Once the program is rolled out and we verify availability of additional team members, we may open nanny care to new families.


What if I am on CCAP?

Any registered family can request to use this service however all costs need to be paid out of pocket in advance of care.


What is your cancellation policy?

No Refunds will be given once care is scheduled and confirmed. A credit may be considered if care cancellation request is received at least one week in advance and the reserved caretaker is able to get booked by another family.

Can my Kids SmART nanny care taker drive my children to/from activities or appointments when they are watching them?

In order to approve the care taker to use the family car to transport the children, an additional liability/permission release must be signed by all parties. If this is something your family needs, please reach out to to get the approval process started.


Can the caretaker care for more than one family at a time, as long as the child count doesn’t exceed 4 children?

Yes. If families coordinate care in one home, and have current Kids SmART enrollment for all children, a Kids SmART care taker is able to come care for more than one family of up to a total of 4 children (all must be at least 3 yrs of age or older).


Can the caretaker cook meals and clean the house as well as watch the kids?

Although we encourage caretakers to help maintain the household and make sure the children are properly fed while they are in your home, the care takers’ priority is caring for the children and providing them with fun activities.


Will my family/children be required to wear masks while the caretaker is there?

Since the care will be provided in your home, we feel comfortable with not requiring the family to wear masks. If, however, it is more comfortable for you, we then encourage you to do so. We encourage the care taker to do what they feel most comfortable with in regards to wearing a mask as well. You may also request the care taker to wear a mask, if that makes you more comfortable. 

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