I founded this company with the mission to create a safe and nurturing environment for all children to grow and thrive in.  As a parent of 3 myself, I understand the strong desire of a parent to know that their children are well cared for and given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.  I aim to provide this high quality care at a price that parents can afford, and offer the flexibility that goes along with real life schedule changes. 

2008 - Kids-Smart, Inc. was born at Stein Elementary!

2009 - Kids-Smart added a site at Edgewater Elementary

2010 - Kids-Smart added a site at Deane Elementary

2011 ​- Kids-Smart added a site at Glennon Heights


2012 -Kids-Smart added sites at Wilmore Davis Elementary

           and Eiber Elementary

2013 - Kids-Smart added a site at Lumberg Elementary

2014 - Kids-Smart added a site at Lasley Elementary

2015 - Kids-Smart added sites at Bryant Webster

           Elementary, Columbian Elementary, and Mountain

           Phoenix Community school

2016 - Kids-Smart added sites at Beach Court Elementary

           and Denison Montessori

2017 - Kids-smart grew to 14 on site schools across the

           Jefferson County and Denver County school districts

           by reopening the Rose Stein program and a new Gust


President and Founder of Kids-SmART Inc.

Corrine Holck

Foundation History

-Corrine Holck


Alisabeth Taramona - Program Coordinator
Alisa has been with Kids-Smart since  2016.  As a former Program Director, Alisabeth’s goal in her supervisory role is to help and support other Directors implement and run a high-quality program of their own. A native of Miami, Florida, Alisa is a Colorado transplant and enjoys playing soccer and being outdoors with her dog Milo. Alisa is the Program Coordinator of Kids SmART's DPS Programs.


our leadership team


Our founder



Skye Albert - Program Coordinator
Skye Albert has been with Kids-Smart since 2016. She is a licensed social worker in Colorado and has a Masters degree in social work. She has a background in child welfare and working with children and families who are either in, or are at risk of being in foster care. Skye is the Program Coordinator of our South schools.


Lindsey Clark - Human Resources
Lindsey has been with Kids-Smart since 2014. Lindsey has experience in collegiate level teaching and Archaeology. Lindsey is our Human Resources Coordinator.