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From the Smarts to the Arts, Developing the Whole Child!


Here is our place to acknowledge our talented and devoted staff for the effort they invest in encouraging and growing the children in our care. Check out some of the awesome things going on at our different sites!

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Kids-SmART, Inc. is a company founded on the vision that every child deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment. They deserve an environment where they are encouraged to discover themselves and are able to develop to their full potential. Kids-SmART also believes in a holistic approach where we feel open communication is important between the Kids-SmART staff, the child's parents, their teachers, and the school administration to ensure the common goal of each child's success in their educational growth. Kids-SmART provides these first-rate programs at a fee that is extremely affordable, and offers various discounts and payment programs for those who cannot otherwise afford it.

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Jefferson County Schools will all be closed on Thursday, April 26 due to labor shortages.  Kids SmART Programs offered at these Jeffco Schools will therefore also be closed.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 


DPS Schools will have NO SCHOOL Friday, April 27.  Kids SmART Programs will be offering full day care (630a-6p) at Columbian El.  Please sign up with your site's Director if you would like this care. 

We are fortunate to have parents in our community who give their time talent and resources to make our programs better for the children. Come find out how parents can get involved with our programs!